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History Gasthaus Rogge (Hotel Gasthaus Rogge) in Lemgo Lieme

Gasthaus Rogge (Hotel Gasthaus Rogge) was established from the family Geller.

The family Geller had the musicans-privilege for the farming community Lieme for about a hundred years and temporary for the whole deparment Brake, too.

1725- 1755

It was obvious, that the family Galler opened a restaurant. In the winter months they arranged constant "Ziegler" ball´s (do not change with the ball´s from the later established "Ziegler" Club Lieme).

The family Galler sold the restaurant to the master baker August Kampmann from Lage.

He opened a Bakery and a grocery store. Later, he built a ballroom.

But it wasn´t a competition for the other restaurant "Liemer Krug", because it was to small and upstairs.

After the death from August Kampmann in the year 1927 takesover one by one, Karl Geise, Herman Fricke, Fritz Rogge und Kurt Rogge the restaurant and the plot of land.

After a large fire in the year 1970 the restaurant was rebuilt and managed again. Now it was a modernized house with a private flat, restaurant, guest room,club room and a ball room.

Since october 1996 was the restaurant in the ownership from Angela and Wolfram Fleischer

They manage it now.

In 1999, they built the frist guest rooms.